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The Rehabilitation Center returns to its primary mission.

20 July 2020

For several months, the Rehabilitation Centre Château de Colpach (CRCC) had turned into a Treatment Center for a certain number of Covid-19 patients. Since July 20, it went back to its primary mission: to provide high-level care and help with the physical, physiological and psychological recovery of its patients.

The CRCC hosts two national services:

  • The “Service National de Réhabilitation Post-Oncologique” which was first initiated by the “National Cancer Plan”. It supports patients suffering from the consequences of a cancerous disease or its treatments.
  • The “Service National de Réhabilitation Physique”. This service helps enabling the patient to regain control of his or her health and life following an acute phase of serious pathology or chronic illness, or following surgery.

As an addition to the offer of hospital services in Luxembourg, the CRCC contributes by ensuring the quality as well as the sustainability of the constantly evolving health sector.

Find more information about the Rehabilitation Center on their website : www.rehabilitation.lu