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The Luxembourg Red Cross is helping people affected by the floods

15 July 2021

The Luxembourg Red Cross has been supporting people affected by the floods in recent hours. Its response includes the intervention of teams on the ground and the provision of emergency accommodation. Its Solidarity Fund (Fonds de Solidarité) has been activated to support the victims, in addition to the efforts already made by other players.

The impact of these floods is immediate and brutal for many families. The public authorities and insurance companies are intervening, but some people may find themselves unable to meet the urgent expenses that are necessary for them to resume their normal lives. The Luxembourg Red Cross’ Solidarity Fund can provide them with rapid assistance,” says Michel Simonis, Director General of the organisation.

Access to the Luxembourg Red Cross Solidarity Fund can be requested through the social offices or directly by contacting the Luxembourg Red Cross helpline on 2755. This aid will be granted in addition to any aid provided by the social offices, insurance companies or the State.

In addition, the Red Cross has implemented plans to continue with service provision, for its own infrastructures affected by the floods and has organised emergency accommodation in its various structures for several dependent elderly people whose homes are no longer habitable. If necessary, additional spots can be created to help people in distress to find accommodation while having access to the necessary care.

The Luxembourg Red Cross’ Solidarity Fund provides financial assistance to vulnerable individuals and families whose income is insufficient or non-existent, including during natural disasters, to meet their basic needs such as food, shelter, health care, and the acquisition of objects essential to their daily lives.

The Red Cross Solidarity Fund, which is financed by donations, makes it possible to provide emergency financial aid to people facing crises or accidents in their lives, where other aid is not available. People wishing to support the Luxembourg Red Cross Solidarity Fund can make a donation by bank transfer (IBAN LU52 1111 0000 1111 0000; Reference: Fonds de solidarité).