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Regular blood donors? We need you now!

14 May 2021

With blood product stocks low, the Luxembourg Red Cross’ Blood Transfusion Centre is calling on regular donors to give blood to avoid a risk of shortage. Andrée Heinricy is a doctor at the Blood Transfusion Centre. She explains why the Centre needs the support of regular donors.

  • Why the call for regular donors to give blood?

For the past few weeks we have noticed that our stock of blood products is decreasing. This is largely due to the high demand from hospitals that have resumed their non-COVID activities. This is why we are calling on our regular donors to book in their donation in the coming weeks, either at the Blood Transfusion Centre or at external clinics.

As they are already familiar with the Blood Centre, they can be booked in quickly if needed, without the need for detailed explanations of our operations. Their blood donations ensures that stocks can be replenished quickly and efficiently in the short term.

  • I have never given blood, how can I help?

We’re also welcoming people who wish to give blood for the first time at our Blood Transfusion Centre and at external clinics. These people can register on dondusang.lu  . In the short term, we’re mainly targeting existing donors, but you are of course welcome to register on our site for the future. You will benefit from a privileged interview and guidance, which will answer all your questions.

  • Why is it necessary for blood to be donated regularly?

Blood is essential for treatment and for emergency interventions. The importance of a regular blood supply is due to the life span of some of its components. Platelets, for example, have a shelf life of less than a week: it is not possible to build up stocks of important components.

  • I was recently vaccinated against Covid-19. Can I give blood?

Without any side effect, people vaccinated against Covid-19 can make a blood donation 7 days after they received the vaccine. If you notice a side effect, please contact the Transfusion Center to make sure that you can donate blood. More info on the restrictions: https://dondusang.lu/en/restrictions-for-donating-and-travel-regulations/