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Need help? Get in touch with the Luxembourg Red Cross!

04 April 2021

“The Social Helpline of the Luxembourg Red Cross aims to inform, guide and support people or their relatives living or working in Luxembourg. We are here to provide help to those who need short and medium-term social or humanitarian assistance to overcome temporary difficulties in addition to help they might be receiving from other services”, explains Marc Josse, head of the service.

How to contact the Social Helpline:
By telephone: 27 55
By e-mail: info@croix-rouge.lu

The service is available via phone or e-mail: “We do our best to process requests quickly and to find a solution that’s tailored to the needs of the applicant. The Red Cross telephone helpline can be reached on 2755 from Monday to Friday from 7am to 7pm. They will forward requests to us,” adds Isabel Sturm, a social worker at the Social Helpline. “People can also reach us by email at info@croix-rouge.lu.” If referral to an appropriate service is not possible or not possible yet, the Social Helpline can provide humanitarian aid, in collaboration with the Luxembourg Red Cross’s Fonds de solidarité and Material and Food Aid service (aides matérielles et alimentaires – AMA).