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“Mois du Don 2022”: Helping those in need

01 April 2022

From social support for the most vulnerable to psychological support for young people and families, from the reception of refugees to the deployment of humanitarian resources on the borders of Ukraine, the Red Cross’ teams have got their hands full. The Mois du Don (Month of Giving) is an opportunity to lend them a supportive hand.

From 1 to 30 April, the country’s residents are invited to support and discover the activities of the Red Cross, thanks to volunteers who will come to meet them during this major fundraising operation. A dedicated fundraising website, www.moisdudon.lu, activated on 1 April, has been set up for those who wish to organise virtual collections or set up solidarity actions.

“The conflict in Ukraine has very concrete consequences, including in Luxembourg: not only concerning the refugees that we must welcome in the best way possible within the country, but also those who find themselves in the neighbouring countries of Ukraine and whom we want to support beyond our borders. They must all find, as quickly as possible, the most dignified living conditions possible. In addition, the most vulnerable in our society are also affected: higher petrol prices, more expensive gas for heating, more costly foodstuffs… For those who are struggling to make ends meet, all this combined is enough to unbalance already tight budgets. And the current issues come in addition to the social and psychological consequences of the pandemic that we are already dealing with, consequences that have hit the youngest and most vulnerable particularly hard.”

explains Rita Krombach, vice-president of the Luxembourg Red Cross

Covid-19 pandemic, the conflict in Ukraine, the risk of famine in several African countries, disasters linked to climate change:

The last two years have been particularly full of events with serious consequences. But despite everything, the last few years have also shown that Luxembourgers are ready to support those in need.

The generosity of the population of Luxembourg proves to us that solidarity is a value that is still very much alive in the country. We have no doubt that this April we will see further proof of this.

Rita Krombach, vice-president of the Luxembourg Red Cross

Faced with this accumulation of needs, it is necessary to be able to act both urgently and in the long term. The funds raised during the Mois du Don ensure that the Red Cross can act quickly where necessary, but also to do so independently, without depending on the decisions of other players.

Please find hereafter a video-message of the president of the Luxembourg Red Cross, H.R.H. the Grand-Duchess.