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Lët’z Work! A personalised project to boost the employability of applicants for international protection

02 April 2024

This project, initiated by the “Migrants and Refugees” Service and co-financed by the European Union (ESF) and the Ministry of Labour, aims to offer personalised support to applicants for international protection (IPR) in order to increase their chances of finding employment in Luxembourg.

Its aim is to increase the employability of IPRs by providing them with the resources to maintain or acquire the skills they need to find a job, understand the Luxembourg labour market and adapt to change.

Project background

The record number of vacancies in Luxembourg, the working-age population of new arrivals, the positive experience of professional integration of Temporary Protection Beneficiaries (TPBs) and, most recently, the abolition of the market test as part of the Temporary Occupancy Permit confirm the relevance of offering such a process for applicants for international protection accommodated in the temporary reception network in Luxembourg.

More information on the new law facilitating the hiring of TPBs

To achieve this, the project focuses on four key areas: group workshops, individual support through a skills assessment and regular meetings, setting up a mentoring programme, and finding partner companies.

Mentors, both active and retired, are called upon to lend their expertise and support to participants in the programme. Finally, companies are encouraged to become partners in the project to help integrate IPRs into the job market by allowing them to spend a day immersed in one of their departments or via an internship.

The project’s target group: new immigrants

Newcomers are invited to join the programme to benefit from tailor-made support aimed at developing their skills and promoting their integration into the world of work. To reach as many people as possible, the first stage, the workshops, will be offered in different languages.

The Lët’z Work! project offers IPRs tools and tailored support to help them integrate into the Luxembourg labour market and develop their professional network. By facilitating collaboration between applicants for international protection, mentors and partner companies, Lët’z Work! opens up new prospects for successful and lasting integration into the labour market.

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