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Banque Havilland supports the Luxembourg Red Cross

16 June 2020

As deconfinement continues in Luxembourg and in Europe, the pandemic still affects other regions of the world. Its economic and social consequences are beginning to appear. In order to support the most vulnerable in the uncertain period ahead, Banque Havilland has decided to work alongside the Luxembourg Red Cross.

The health crisis has shown that the most vulnerable in society are the most exposed to Covid-19 and its consequences. In addition to the illness itself, they are directly concerned by the effects of confinement: lower income or loss of job, increased loneliness, precarious living conditions.

As of March 16, the Luxembourg Red Cross participated in the fight against the disease and its health and social consequences. Some of its departments have reorganized to continue taking care of the beneficiaries without endangering employees. Other departments have seen part of their mission changed, for example by assuming a logistical role for the distribution of protective equipment outside hospitals or by reorienting themselves even more radically. For example, the Rehabilitation Center in Colpach was transformed in less than ten days into a treatment center for patients with Covid-19.

If the health crisis seems to be under control today, it will leave traces in society for many months. “The most vulnerable people will need a lot of support in the coming months,” said Rita Krombach, vice-president of the Red Cross. Containment will have consequences: we will now have to deal with the most precarious, the most isolated and the most psychologically fragile.

Banque Havilland has decided to support the Red Cross with a donation of 100,000 euros. Lars Rejding, its Group CEO, explains that “In the context of the COVID19 crisis, our organization wishes to make a strong commitment to Luxembourg society. The need to act and support the most exposed and vulnerable people seems obvious to us. We are very pleased to support the Luxembourg Red Cross, which is doing an excellent job in this regard.

For Michel Simonis, general director of the Red Cross, “our teams have shown that they are reactive and creative. They reacted quickly and continued to do what we exist for: Mënschen hëllefen. And they know they’re going to have to go on for long weeks. But we also know that we need support like the one of Banque Havilland to succeed in doing so. Many people are going to need us in a very short time, and we will need the means to do so.