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A House of the Red Cross to help better

01 March 2021

It is to fulfill its mission “Mënschen hëllefen” as well as possible that the Luxembourg Red Cross will have a new roof by 2025, bringing together more than 20 departments and 450 employees in one place.

This building will welcome hundreds of beneficiaries, blood donors, volunteers and other visitors every day. Located in Howald, it will bring together activities currently spread over several sites, while improving access to and care for beneficiaries, working conditions for employees and the financial and ecological impact of the activity.

The Maison de la Croix-Rouge will also make it possible to rethink the way in which employees work with each other and especially with beneficiaries. It will be a tool allowing the necessary energies to converge and cooperate for the various existing solidarity initiatives – as well as those to come.

The pooling of infrastructure between services welcoming the public (waiting, consultation, meeting and dialogue spaces with beneficiaries, etc.) will improve the accessibility of the Red Cross to the many people its teams support. And this improvement will be done in a place connected to all means of transport (train, tram, bus, car), while reducing expenses related to the rental or maintenance of existing sites.