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Youth centres

A social space for free development

Since 1999, the youth centres of the Luxembourg Red Cross have acted as a shelter in which all young people between the ages of 12 and 26 can develop freely. The basic aim is to promote understanding and respect in dealing with each other.

Leisure activities for young people

All eleven youth centres offer secure internet access in addition to pool tables, darts, board games, game consoles and table tennis. Furthermore, there are numerous opportunities for young people to develop creatively, to try their hand at art, to compete in games or to cook together. All of this, in addition to meaningful leisure activities in a youth-oriented setting, serves the exchange of ideas between visitors and with the specialist staff on site.

In addition, all eleven youth centres offer an open meeting space five days a week for five hours a day. Like the youth centres in general, these are open to everyone – regardless of origin, faith, gender, or personal, financial and social possibilities.

Promoting personal development

The aim of the open youth work carried out in our centres is to support and encourage young people in their personal development. Children and young people are regarded as competent individuals, as equal members of society. The employees of the youth centres are available to visitors as contact persons if they need assistance, advice or information.

Topics covered include the areas of leisure, personal interests, volunteering, addiction, housing, school, professions, hobbies, love, sexuality, and health.

“Together with young people”

Our youth centres combine the following basic attitudes:

  • Can-do attitude & participation
  • Openness & dialogue
  • Autonomy & self-efficacy
  • Discovering & learning in partnership
  • Subject and process orientation

Understandable and clear boundaries

All youth centres are run by full-time professionals. In addition to this, visiting youths take an active part in the daily work carried out there. In accordance with the International Red Cross’ principle of voluntary work, the Luxembourg Red Cross does not offer youth centres “for young people”, but youth centres “together with young people”. By encouraging young people to organise their own activities, a wide offering is made available to interested parties.

Commitment and training

Young people who would like to get involved in a youth centre or beyond can complete state-approved training as a “co-pilot” in each of our youth centres according to their individual possibilities and competences. In addition, there are numerous opportunities to complete volunteering, professional or school internships in Germany, Europe or anywhere else in the world, as well as to earn all the medals of the Mérite Jeunesse programme.

  • Youth centre Bertrange (Bartréng)
  • Youth centre Bridel (Briddel)
  • Youth centre Eischen (Äischen)
  • Youth centre Junglinster (Jonglënster)
  • Youth centre Koerich (Käerch)
  • Youth centre Mertert-Wasserbillig (Mäertert-Wasserbëlleg)
  • Youth centre Reckange-sur-Mess (Reckeng op der Mess)
  • Youth centre Steinfort (Stengefort)
  • Youth centre Steinsel (Stesel)
  • Youth centre Strassen (Stroossen)
  • Youth centre Wormeldange (Wormer)

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