Building relationships with isolated people

Iris Service

Helping people affected by loneliness

The Iris Service accompanies anyone affected by loneliness. Since 2012, Iris has been training volunteers who regularly offer their presence to anyone who is feeling isolated, regardless of age, culture or class.

Regular visits and personalized relationship

Volunteers are the cornerstone of the service in terms of numbers and dedication. Without them, nothing would be possible. They regularly visit people affected by loneliness to share with them a unique and personalized relationship as well as simple, valuable moments during an outing, a walk, a coffee, a game of cards or just an exchange of memories and experiences.

Often, elderly people are the ones who call on Iris. At home or in an institution, Iris volunteers recreate an important social link. For the person visited, receiving a volunteer means opening the door of their home but also of their heart. It means being able to share their experiences, to live pleasant moments and, in a way, to build a virtuous circle that allows them to escape from their solitude.

Would you like to share moments of conviviality with an iris volunteer?

You want to live happy moments, but have no one to share them with? You have so many things to say, but no one to listen to you? Then Iris is the solution.

Why become an iris volunteer?

  • You will be volunteering near your home or work,
  • You will change the life of an isolated person,
  • You will contribute to a more cohesive society,
  • You will live a wonderful, fulfilling human adventure.    

How to become an iris volunteer?

Are you motivated? Then do not hesitate, the criteria are simple:

  • Be of legal age,
  • Be available a few hours a week,
  • Follow a 20h training session led by a multidisciplinary team and enriched by the experience of each participant,
  • Carry out a 2-hour internship with an experienced volunteer

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