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Centre d’Accueil Norbert Ensch (CANE)

Welcoming children and teenagers in difficulty

The Centre d’Accueil Norbert Ensch (CANE) is a reception centre for children and teenagers in difficult situations. It guarantees them a stable and safe living environment that respects the rights of each individual, thus promoting their personal development. The aim of the centre is to work intensively with the parents, as far as possible, to help them return to their families of origin.

The centre supervises and accompanies children and young people who temporarily or permanently find themselves unable to live in their family environment, within an adapted living structure. The service promotes the growth of the beneficiaries and the development of their skills, using age-appropriate and resource-oriented pedagogical approaches, in order to prepare them for a way of life adapted to their needs.

Priority is given to returning to the family, and to autonomy

CANE aims to strengthen the relationship with the immediate family while promoting personal development and the necessary individual skills. Children and adolescents in care may be placed voluntarily or following a court order. The centre has 7 groups, each offering the support of a multidisciplinary team.

Two groups for youths and future parents:

  • Zoe Group
    for under-age adolescent girls
  • Yua Group
    for young adult parents

Five groups dedicated to child and adolescent development:

  • Kannergrupp Ruedt/Syre
    child development
  • Reebou Group
    Open to siblings
  • Jugendgrupp Reckange and Maison Henri Dunant Hellange
  • Villa Nia Domo
    unaccompanied minors

Contact us of one of our groups

Centre d’accueil Norbert Ensch

Tel. : 27 55-6607
Email : cane@croix-rouge.lu

Addrese : 10, Cité Henri Dunant – L-8095 Bertrange

Group Reebou

T. : 27 55-6610
F. : 27 55-6611

Group Zoé

T. : 2755-6670
F. : 2755-6661
E. :

Groupe des Jeunes Kreintgeshaff

T. : 2755-6650
F. : 2755-6651

Group Henri Dunant Hellange

T. : 2755-6620
F. : 2755-6621

Group Roodt/Syre

T. : 2755-6640
F. : 2755-6641

Group Yua

T : 2755-6683
F. : 2755-6601