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Service Adoption

An intermediary for the adoption

The Adoption Service (Service Adoption) acts as an accredited agency for both national and international adoptions. Adoption is a social protection measure aiming to create an unbreakable family bond between a child in need of parents and an adoptive family. The best interests of the child are always at the centre of the concerns of the Adoption Service.

The process of adoption or even family tracing requires respect for the humanistic values of the Red Cross as well as for various international conventions and ethical principles.

National and international adoption

At national level, the Luxembourg Red Cross Adoption Service is the only accredited body authorised to supervise national adoptions. Children in need of adoption are most often born to anonymous mothers; sometimes the biological parents have consented to the adoption of their child. It can also happen that children become adoptable following a judgment of abandonment.

At the international level, the Adoption Service is currently accredited and facilitates the adoption of children from Burkina Faso, Bulgaria, Portugal and Slovakia. The Central Authority for Intercountry Adoption (Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth) may exceptionally, on the basis of relevant reasons, mandate the Adoption Service to supervise specific adoption cases in countries of origin for which there is no active collaboration.

Informing prospecting parents and assessing their parental skills

The Adoption Service informs prospective adoptive parents about adoption in general and analyses each particular situation. Following an evaluation of parental skills based on various psycho-medico-social interviews with prospective adoptive parents, the multidisciplinary team delivers an opinion.

The team of the Adoption Service is composed of social workers, a nurse, psychologist(s)/psychotherapist(s), a doctor, a lawyer and an administrative clerk.

Guidance and support

The Adoption Service intervenes from the beginning of the project and throughout the procedure, helping in particular with constituting the file and insuring supervision during the reception of the child. As soon as the child is taken in, the Adoption Service continues to monitor the situation to ensure his or her well-being as well as the family’s while providing guidance and support. Post-adoption follow-up reports are drawn up and sent to the country of origin. 

Tracing of origin

At the majority of the adopted child and at his or her request, the Adoption Service will be able to provide assistance in the search for (biological) family roots.’origine.

Information for the biological parents

Biological parents or mothers considering anonymous childbirth and giving up their child for adoption can be informed on request about the adoption procedures as well as other alternatives, their rights and the consequences of a full adoption, namely its final and irrevocable nature.

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