For the protection of women

The Luxembourg Red Cross protects women and girls who often do not have equal access to protection, psychological support and health care. These inequalities lead to numerous problems such as psychological suffering, sexual violence or early marriages and births.

To address their needs, two main areas of intervention are implemented:

Protection of girls and women survivors of sexual violence

Women and children are increasingly victims of sexual violence. The consequences are very harmful and affect both their bodies and their minds.

This sexual violence takes place mainly in poor and isolated conflict areas, which makes access to health services all the more difficult.

To help girls and women victims, we are working in the Democratic Republic of Congo with the General Reference Hospital of Panzi (Bukavu, South Kivu) of Dr. Denis Mukwege, Nobel Peace Prize winner 2018. This hospital is dedicated to mutilation and rape survivors, providing specific care to save them (surgical operations) and then reintegrate them psychologically, socially and legally, while protecting them.

We are contributing to the realization of this project by rehabilitating key infrastructures of the hospital such as the central sterilization unit, the delivery unit, the emergency unit and the clinic specifically dedicated to survivors of sexual violence.

We also support the equipping of the hospital with medical equipment donated by Luxembourg hospitals and provide training so that health professionals can use it.

We accompany the reconstruction process of the survivors of sexual violence by supporting the Solidarity Mutualities which bring women together in their places of reintegration, the construction of safe and decent houses, the support of income-generating activities and the construction of legal clinics.

Quality access to gynecological and pediatric services

Everywhere, women and children need appropriate and professional care to ensure their good health and future.

Nevertheless, many regions of the world still have too many medical deserts or outdated facilities. Our Humanitarian Aid has therefore decided to commit itself to pregnant women, mothers and newborns by building and rehabilitating gynecological and prenatal services.

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