For a life of dignity for children and their families

Children and their families who live in precarious conditions due to displacement (conflicts, climatic disasters) or poverty must remain dignified.

This issue, too often forgotten, is essential because it allows them to keep hope, a desire to change things and to get out of their situation.

Our teams implement various actions to ensure the dignity of the beneficiaries:

Improving daily life

Our teams distribute thousands of kitchen kits, hygiene kits and household items every year.

This quick and easy-to-implement aid changes the daily lives of children and their families as they can take better care of themselves, cook and maintain their homes.

Giving communities perspectives for the future

In order for communities to take control of their own destiny, participatory approaches are needed for the benefit of all.

After a study of the needs and specificities of our different interventions, we create professional training for women and their husbands, for example in house construction or the maintenance of water pumps and solar panels.

This has a huge impact, as many jobs are created, making households financially independent, villages are better maintained and facilities are functioning. Collaboration with local volunteer branches of national societies can be a great lever in this context.

Allow kids to be kids

Childhood should be about play, laughter and discovery. This is essential if children are to grow up to be well-balanced and self-sufficient adults.

In health centres and hospitals, children’s play areas are often missing or in poor condition. We are working to build or rehabilitate them and, with your help, we can provide happy breaks in the children’s sometimes difficult daily lives.

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