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World AIDS Day 2020: “Let’s do the right thing, even below the belt!”

01 December 2020

“Every year, on the occasion of World AIDS Day on 1December, we double our efforts and creativity to raise awareness of the importance of showing solidarity with those living with HIV, and of the existence of this virus which is still circulating, more than 35 years after its appearance”, says Sandy Kubaj, head of the HIV Berodung service.

The HIV Berodung service of the Luxembourg Red Cross and the AIDS Supervisory Committee organised a symbolic ceremony of solidarity and a “non-distribution” of condoms at the Parc de l’Europe in Dommeldange on 1 December. “This place was chosen because a commemorative tree was planted there to pay tribute to those who have died of AIDS and to support people living with HIV in Luxembourg. Initially planted in 2016 under the patronage of PATICKA asbl, it was symbolically given to our service”, she continues.

The ceremony was marked by a minute’s silence in tribute to those who have died of AIDS. The HIV Berodung, in collaboration with the AIDS Supervisory Committee, then carried out a non-distribution campaign of condoms. “This year, in the context of the pandemic that we are going through, it is the first time that the traditional distribution of condoms in different parts of the country will not take place on 1 December,” explains Sandy Kubaj. “We are launching other actions on the occasion of this world day because prevention and solidarity are more than ever major issues in the response to HIV. »

Launch of the campaign “Let’s do the right thing, even below the belt!”

COVID19 has not eliminated HIV! It is in this context that the AIDS Supervisory Committee in collaboration with the Red Cross’ HIV Berodung service and the Ministry of Health is launching a campaign “Let’s do the right thing, even below the belt!” for World AIDS Day. HIV still exists and continues to be transmitted, mainly through unprotected sex. While the condom remains the first means of protection in the range of HIV prevention tools, and the only one that also protects against other sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies, the AIDS Committee reminds us that HIV testing is the only way to determine whether an infection is present. Knowing your status is the only way to access treatment to achieve an undetectable viral load and thereby protect your own health and avoid transmitting HIV through sex.

Virtual exhibition Art on Condoms: creativity and awareness raising

The HIV Berodung invites everyone to visit the virtual exhibition “Art On Condoms” on the Dimps-Project’s Facebook page and to vote for their favourite project. The project with the most votes will be awarded first prize by the public.

The aim of the Art on Condoms competition is to create a layout of condom pouches on the theme of the “sécher ënnerwee” campaign. This campaign was initiated in 2018 with the aim of making HIV prevention as automatic as everyday actions, such as putting on a seatbelt when you get in your car or a helmet when you ride a bike! The best projects will be printed for use as condom packaging, and distributed in the service’s prevention actions.

For more information about prevention please follow this link.