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Thank you to the Luxport Group for its support of the Therapeutic Centre «Kannerhaus Jean »

18 January 2021

On January 13, 2021, Mr. Jürgen Helten, CEO of the Luxport group and Mr. Gilles Braquet, director of Thesi Lux S.A., as well as Mr. Paul Winter, director of Lorang S.A., visited the Red Cross “Kannerhaus Jean” Therapeutic Centre in Berg, to which they donated 7,500 euros.

On this occasion, Mrs Laura Wiesmann, head of the Therapeutic Centre, thanked them warmly. “This donation will directly contribute to our therapeutic activities based on perception and relaxation” she explained. “Thus a station of our therapeutic path will be devoted to sensory-bodily perception, making it possible to actively confront reality, and allay children’s anxieties“. “As a large logistics company, we are happy to be able to make a concrete contribution to supporting Kannerhaus Jean,” said Mr. Jürgen Helten.

The head of the Therapeutic Centre also presented the functioning of the Kannerhaus. “We are an therapeutic centre dedicated to children whose families are going through difficult times. These are children who are showing signs of mental suffering, that often result in behavioral and emotional disorders, ” explained Laura Wiesmann. To help children overcome their troubles, its teams use various methods such as activities with animals, art, movement or even play. Each year, around a hundred children and their families benefit from the Kannerhaus Jean support, be it at the psychotherapeutic consultation centre, at the day centre, or at the boarding school.