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Supporting the ALIN project through art

01 June 2021

Home is an art project, put together by Oksana Polyanska, Claudia Bargagli Petrucci and Nadina Faljic. Presenting the works of 18 artists, it is intended to support humanitarian associations in Luxembourg such as the Luxembourg Red Cross or Mir wëllen iech ons Heemecht weisen asbl.

10% of the sales of the pieces of the Home project will be used to support the ALIN project, which is financed exclusively by donations.

The ALIN project

ALIN (Atelier, Langue, Inclusion et Nouvelles technologies) was set up and organised by the Luxembourg Red Cross. It is an inclusion project for beneficiaries of international protection (bénéficiaires de protection internationale; BPI) and applicants for international protection (demandeurs de protection internationale; DPI) in psychological distress and in particular for victims of violence.

The objectives of the project are to prepare these persons suffering from psychological disorders, in particular post-traumatic stress disorder, to be cared for by the support network.

To view the virtual exhibition and purchase a work of art please go to: www.art-management.lu/charity

Every weekend in June 2021, you will also be able to meet the artists and see their work directly by appointment. To make an appointment please write to gallery@art-management.lu