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“Hëlleft eis hëllefen”: solidarity is especially important in times of coronavirus.

21 April 2020

 “Hëlleft eis hëllefen”: this is the motto of the major solidarity action currently being carried out by the Luxembourg Red Cross to finance its activities and help the most vulnerable.

“We currently find ourselves in a doubly exceptional situation: on the one hand, we are called upon more than ever to help the sick, people in situations of social exclusion and families in difficulty. On the other hand, for the first time since the end of the Second World War, the current coronavirus crisis has forced us to cancel our traditional month of donations”, says Rita Krombach, Vice-President of the Luxembourg Red Cross.

Traditionally, every year in April, more than 2,000 volunteers organised in 39 local associations go from door to door to collect a substantial part of the Red Cross’ annual donations. “I myself have been collecting donations for 35 years and could never have imagined such a situation.”, Rita Krombach says. “Disappointment among the volunteers is of course huge, but of course we understand that the month of donations would not have been feasible in the current situation.”.

Rita Krombach, who also used to be president of the Luxembourg City section, underlines the importance of personal contact with donors: “For us, collecting donations means meeting people, telling them about what we do, answering their questions and above all listening to them. You can’t completely replace this direct exchange with an appeal for donations through the post or via social media. But despite these difficult circumstances, we are counting on the solidarity of donors.” Rita Krombach hopes to make up for the month of donations in September: “We need as much support as possible to be able to help those who are facing the greatest difficulties today.”