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On August 12th, the « red phase » of the Heatwave Plan was over. However, temperatures remain high and we are still in the “orange phase”. Therefore, it is important to stay hydrated and to avoid the heat.

Heatwave: register for monitoring visits

08 August 2020

This week-end, the level 3 of the Luxembourg Heatwave Plan (“plan canicule”) was launched in the country, after temperatures reached above 35°C and the daily average temperatures reached 23°C.

The Luxembourg Red Cross, in partnership with the health authorities, opened a hotline at 2755. By calling this telephone number, you can receive information about:

  • How to register,
  • People at risk,
  • Advices

The heatwave plan includes a possibility for any person over 75 years of age, living alone or with an invalid person with limited independence, and with no outside help, to enrol in the Heatwave Plan and benefit from monitoring visits and hydration assistance.

For more information about the Heatwave Plan, you can contact the Inspection sanitaire de la Direction de la santé (phone number : 247-85653). 

The activation of the « red » phase of the Heatwave Plan on August 8. means the start of regular monitoring visits by help and care professionals to the people at risk who have enrolled in the Red Cross programs. During these visits, the caregivers respect all the sanitary measures related to the current epidemic.

During heat waves, fragile persons, such as babies, the elderly and people suffering from chronic diseases (cardiac disease, kidney disease or mental diseases) are the first to suffer from high temperatures.

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