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Free rapid HIV testing resumed at the HIV Berodung.

24 June 2020

By loosening up the anti-Coronoa measures, the HIV Berodung service of the Red Cross resumes carrying out HIV rapid tests at their usual address. Like many other services in the Covid-crisis, HIV Berodung had to cancel its weekly consultations. Instead, the HIV Berodung offered the possibility to order free self-tests, sent by post.

The HIV rapid test on-call service is available from Monday to Friday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the HIV Berodung building at 94, Boulevard du Général Patton, Luxembourg. In order to carry out a test, you must first make an appointment by phone at 27 55 – 4500. This is anonymous; you will have a number assigned to you. Of course, the “Gestes barrières” and wearing a mask remain mandatory. You will be reminded of these rules during your during the phone call.

The DIMPS (Moblie HIV Testing) will be back on Friday, June 26th. Further information on the locations and opening hours of DIMPS can be found at www.dimps.lu.

The offer to order free self-tests by phone, at the 27 55-4500, remains.