Donation Month 2024

03 April 2024

Your Donation, an Impact

April has long been acknowledged as the designated month for supporting the Luxembourg Red Cross through donations. During this significant time, we honor and inspire the generosity, dedication, and solidarity of our donors and volunteers.

This year, the Luxembourg Red Cross is launching a new campaign and is calling for the generosity of the public.

Recent crises have exacerbated the difficulties faced by the most vulnerable, in Luxembourg and around the world. It is the dedication of our donors that empowers the Luxembourg Red Cross to extend practical assistance to thousands of individuals, both domestically and internationally. By engaging in a straightforward yet impactful act such as donating, they equip the Red Cross with the resources needed to make a difference.

Stay tuned: our volunteers will soon be coming to meet you to discuss our actions and encourage donations. You can also donate online right now: