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Cocottes launches #loeufdecoeur initiative in favour of the “Butteker”

01 March 2021

Cocottes is inviting its customers to simply add a donation of at least 25 cents (the average price of an egg) to their receipt or invoice. The funds collected will be donated to the Red Cross and Caritas “Butteker” in the form of a cheque, which will enable them to offer locally produced eggs to people who need them most. This charity initiative will take place over three weeks, from 1 to 21 March.

Why an egg?

Gifting an egg or a few eggs, which moreover come from local Luxembourg agriculture, is symbolic – and it is a small, easy and affordable gesture.

“We want to call for solidarity from everyone and to ask our customers or partners to make a small donation, whatever it may be. We believe in the mass effect and gifting an egg – symbolic – is feasible”

Stéphanie Jauquet, CEO of Cocottes

This gesture means that a family in need will be able to cook a simple meal for themselves or wish a happy Easter to a child. And besides… no eggs, no Cocottes 😉

The Cocottes’ commitment

Cocottes’ commitment goes beyond the Butteker initiative. Since its creation, unsold goods have been redistributed every day to charities – a quest against food wastage that the 14 shops are conducting in order to give a new social purpose to food that is not sold.

“We have been working with Cocottes since its creation in 2014, and we are delighted to be working together in the context of the Butteker charity initiative.”

Frank Schmit, Fundraising Manager for the Luxembourg Red Cross.