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Finding balance through outdoor activities

“Komm mat an d’Natur” is aimed at children and young people up to 18, and their families, who are at risk of social isolation and are under the care of the Luxembourg Red Cross.

The service offers outdoor group activities that enable participants to take active part in social life. What’s more, they find a physical and creative balance to their daily lives, which has a positive effect on their well-being.

Outdoor adventures – for real

For example family treasure hunt in the forest:  overcoming obstacles together and creating new experiences as a family, strengthens family relationships and skills.

Physical activity and different new games give children and young people the opportunity to develop their personalities and take part in different types of experiences.

These activities have a positive effect in many areas, including: motor skills, self-confidence, attention, concentration, and interaction with their peers.

Supervised activities for the most vulnerable

The beneficiaries of these exercises come from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds and are already in contact with other Red Cross services.

On the one hand, activities for children are organised in collaboration with various Red Cross refugee homes in order to offer children enjoyable moments that might allow them to cope better with their housing situation.

In addition, activities are offered to families and young people in different parts of the country. This experience allows them to try new things, discover new places and it also provides them with ideas for actively organising their free time.

Professional care

The outings are supervised by a qualified educator with the support of several volunteers, and they have a few objectives:

  • To promote the well-being of children and young people and their families through nature-based experiences and experiential education.
  • Bring children, young people, and families together through movement, sport and experiences in nature.
  • Lighten the load for children, young people, and families through exercise, nature, and sport activities.
  • To bring children, young people, and families out of their isolation by offering them various activities in the field of nature, exercise, and sport.
  • To promote and/or reactivate social contacts through similar activities.
  • Reduce media consumption through participation and self-efficacy experiences in nature.

Curious about our programme? Here you can find the next activities that will take place:

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