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Cynotechnical Unit

When Men and Dogs Work Together to Save Lives

Founded in 1996, the Cynotechnical Unit is an integral part of the emergency services of the Luxembourg Red Cross. It is a valuable tool in the search for missing persons, both on the national territory and in neighbouring countries. At this level, it maintains an intense and permanent collaboration with the Red Cross Ambulance Service.

The rescue dog: the best “working tool”

With its “working tool”, highly specialized rescue dogs, the Cynotechnical Unit is involved both in the surface search for missing persons and in the location of living victims buried under rubble of any kind. 20 dogs make up the team (German shepherds, labradors, border collies, etc.).

National and international interventions

At the national level, the Cynotechnical Unit works in close collaboration with the emergency response services (“Administration des Services de Secours“), the Police, as well as professional and volunteer fire brigades.

Intensive cooperation with the German Red Cross and other rescue organisations, such as the Paris Fire Brigade, has enabled the unit to participate in numerous training courses and to take an active part in the discussions leading to the creation of the DIN 13050 standard for rescue dog teams in Germany.

High level teams

Highly specialized, well trained and ready to deal with the most bizarre situations, the Luxembourg Red Cross Cynotechnical Unit is made up of 28 members, including 5 cynotechnical assistants and 11 dog handlers. They have proved their worth in many on-site interventions.

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