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Reunited in Luxembourg after four years apart

18 December 2022

On international migrants’ day, we would like to share with you the story of Mohammed, who fled the war in Syria. After four years apart, his family was reunited in Luxembourg.

Do you wish to learn more about our “Restoring Family Links” unit?

When I arrived in Luxembourg in 2019, I was welcomed by a Luxembourg Red Cross team in a Reception center.

At that time, the center was in a former school building and there were many people. Anyway, I was happy to be finally in a safe place, after several months in migration. I had gone through difficult moments and left my family behind. The Red Cross teams were the first people I met in Luxembourg. They were very kind and helped me.

I got my refugee status at the beginning of 2020. At this time, my wife and kids were still in our country, Syria. The situation was getting worse and I missed them. Fortunately, I met social assistants of the LISKO unit of the Red Cross, who supported me in my integration process.

My biggest concern was that I missed my family

At the end of the year, the teams of LISKO referred me to the Restoring Family Links (RFL) unit, whose mission is to have families reunited. My wife and my three children had already tried several times to exit Syria but every attempt was a failure. RFL contacted the Turkish Red Crescent, while LISKO social assistant supported me with administrative procedures.

Finally, in July 2022 my family arrived safe in Luxembourg. I really want to thank Luxembourg authorities for this incredible moment when I met my family at Findel airport.

After more than four years, I could see and hug again my children again ! It was as if my life was beginning again.

During the administrative process I was feelin trapped, in a cage, apart from my loved ones. On that day when we were reunited, I felt like I was a bird, free to fly again.
The Red Cross gave me my family, who was taken by the war, back. This would not have happened without the support of so many people, who I thank warmly.