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Maison de l’Adoption

A pre and post-adoption support service

Creating a family through adoption has now become common practice, but there remain some special features. The Maison de l’Adoption offers adoptees and their families some reference points to help them live this great human and family adventure to the fullest. Between the idealized vision often presented by the media and the gloomy picture drawn up by some, the Maison de l’Adoption offers a place of reflexion to meet and support all those concerned by these issues.

A specialized service…

Children who join a family through adoption have experienced difficult and traumatic episodes in the first moments of their life, which can have a strong and lasting impact on the establishment of trust with their new parents. Following the observation of the distress of many adoptees and adopters, faced with challenges that motivation and good will alone were not enough to solve, it was decided to create, alongside the adoption agencies, a service offering help and support.

In 2007 the Adoption Resource Centre was born, since renamed Maison de l’Adoption. This service, managed by the Luxembourg Red Cross and approved by the State (Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth – MENJE), is independent of the three current accredited bodies constituting the official adoption intermediaries. The aim of the multidisciplinary team of the Maison de l’Adoption (psychologists, psychomotor therapists, etc.) is to support families in building a sense of security among adopted children, which is essential for them to optimally (re)build and develop their capacities.

…intended for all persons concerned by adoption

Located in Bertrange within the Youth Centre, the service is intended for all people concerned by adoption:

  • Are you thinking of adopting?
  • Are you an adoptive parent?
  • Were you adopted?
  • Are you a professional?

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