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Welcoming Ukrainian Refugees

25 May 2022

At the beginning of May, more than 5,000 people fleeing the war in Ukraine had already apply for temporary protection in Luxembourg. “In two months, more people have taken refuge in the Grand Duchy than in one year, in 2016, at the peak of the Syrian crisis,” explained Nadine Conrardy, Director of the Action et Santé Sociales Department of the Luxembourg Red Cross.

The Luxembourg Red Cross supports, within a dozen structures opened by the Office National de l’accueil (ONA) and in partnership with other stakeholders, the reception of families coming from Ukraine. Furthermore, the organisation deploys its numerous services in order to help with accommodation and provide social, psychological, and educational support.

People arriving in Luxembourg spend a few weeks in the first reception structures, before being rehoused in a more permanent way. The Luxembourg Red Cross offers individual accommodation and is also involved in linking hosting families with those arriving from Ukraine.

In addition to the initial reception managed by the Migrants and Refugees Service, Ethno-psychological support is available for families, upon request. For younger people, the Psy-Jeunes Service also intervenes in the ONA structures. Finally, the Luxembourg Red Cross’s Maisons Relais Service offers dedicated activities for children after school.