Street work for those living in precarious conditions

Abricoeur is the name of the service of the Luxembourg Red Cross which includes the Streetwork programme as well as other programmes helping those living in the streets or in very precarious situations. Abricoeur offers assistance to people who are homeless or in precarious housing and living conditions, in order to gradually optimize their material, social and health conditions with the objective of achieving sustainable quality of life in dignity.

The importance of streetwork

In addition to the day centre – the Bistrot Social – the Abricoeur service also does streetwork in the “Uewerstad” (Upper Town) of the capital. Street work is an educational and social reality whose specificity lies essentially in its extra muros nature (literally: “outside the walls”).

Street work is an approach adapted to the needs of the target audience. It requires a clear stance on the part of the social worker: working ethically, respectfully and with great availability are some of the core values that enable social workers to be accessible to people. Indeed, while this approach can represent the first link in the chain of educational and social assistance, depending on the person’s situation, it can also very well be the last link.

It is therefore an approach that gives the person their full place by offering them the opportunity to acquire agency in their own life. All this is only possible when the social worker identifies and respects the rhythm of each beneficiary. The teams make several weekly rounds to meet homeless people in public spaces (streets, parks, shops, etc.).

Services offered by abricoeur

  • The Bistrot Social is a daytime facility, open to all adults who accept and abide by the internal rules of the service. At the Bistrot Social, the beneficiaries are able to reestablish a bond of trust that they often no longer have with social services. Social workers are there to listen to their specific needs.
  • The Nightshelter is a place of refuge for homeless adults in an emergency, whose status or particular situation does not allow them to access other existing social services in Luxembourg.
  • Haus 1, named after the former annex to the Hospice in Hamm, is a house that accommodates various groups. Each group occupies furnished rooms on one floor of the building. These are beneficiaries of international protection, persons affected by closures or vacations of furnished rooms and beneficiaries of the pilot project “Supported housing for adults”.
  • The “Wanteraktioun” (WAK) or Winter Action is a humanitarian campaign which aims to protect homeless people during periods of extreme cold, from 1 December to 31 March each year. The Luxembourg Red Cross is in charge of the day shelter, where lunch is offered to beneficiaries. They can also take part in recreational activities or simply spend the afternoon in a warm place.

All these services can be offered thanks to the support of the City of Luxembourg and the Ministry of Family and Integration, in close cooperation with other players in the field.

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