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Nordea Bank S.A. fait un don de 10 000 EUR à la Croix-Rouge luxembourgeoise

12 December 2012

Marc Crochet, Director for Solidarity received on Tuesday, the 4th of December a check over 10.000€ from Nordea S.A. The money will go towards various reconstruction and rehabilitation projects throughout the world.

Through its End of the Year-Campaign the Luxembourg Red Cross strives to raise funds and awareness for its reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts after humanitarian disasters.

“As a long term partner of the Red Cross, we are proud to lend our support to this year’s end of the year campaign again.” explains Nordea Bank S.A.’s CEO Jhon Mortensen. “We feel it is important to contribute to the reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts after humanitarian disasters and are glad to collaborate with an experienced and reputed partner organization working in this challenging field.”

“In the last 20 years, the number of humanitarian disasters causes by natural catastrophes, wars or other conflict situations, has doubled and destroyed the livelihood of millions of people. Rehabilitation remains a complex and challenging endeavor, we are not only looking to reconstruct infrastructure but to rebuild functioning communities that allow the affected families to lead normal lives again” explains Marc Crochet, from the Luxembourg Red Cross. “Be it in Nepal, Laos, Burundi or in Haïti, the Luxembourg Red Cross intervenes in numerous rehabilitation projects, reconstructing not only houses, but also working to develop functioning health systems and investing in disaster prevention programs.”


About the Luxembourg Red Cross

Based on the 7 fundamental principles of its movement such as impartiality and humanity, the Luxembourg Red Cross works to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable people without regard as to race, religion, class or political belief, through its activities in the fields of Health, Social, Youth and International Aid.


About Nordea Bank

Nordea Bank S.A. was established in Luxembourg in 1976 and is the leading Nordic pan-European banking entity in Luxembourg and Switzerland. It has 400 employees and serves a wide spectrum of international clients. Nordea Bank S.A. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Nordea group, the largest financial institution in the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions. Its Wealth Management division, with the Luxembourg-based operation as a substantial contributor, has created a strong pan-European market position within the investment funds and private wealth management market with a total of EUR 200bn assets under management (as at 30/09/12).