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Appel à la solidarité pour fournir un abri à plus de 15 000 réfugiés maliens

21 January 2013

Increased fighting in Mali has resulted in thousands fleeing towards the borders. The Luxembourg Red Cross is increasing its work in the northern provinces of Burkina Faso and in south west Niger to bring urgent humanitarian aid to Malian refugees.

‘We are planning to erect 2000 emergency shelters in these regions, with each housing families of 7 to 10 people’ explains Marc Crochet, Deputy Managing Director of the Luxembourg Red Cross. He further explains that, ‘shelters with all the logistics included will cost 270 euros per unit in Burkina Faso and 300 euros in Niger. We are appealing to the solidarity of the people of Luxembourg to fund this project.’

In Burkina Faso, the Luxembourg Red Cross has been working on a variety of projects since November 2010. Faced with a huge influx of Malian refuges, we have been involved with their direct support since March 2012. This includes providing emergency housing, food, hygiene kits, medicine and drilling wells. The current crisis appeal has been launched as 1000 emergency shelters must be built in the Sag Nioniogo region, near to the capital, Ouagadougou.

In the south west provinces of Niger, the Luxembourg Red Cross is already helping to provide emergency housing and reconstruction following serious flooding in 2012. Further aid and 1000 emergency shelters must be delivered as soon as possible to support the refugees of the Malian conflict.


Public Support Appeal

The Luxembourg Red Cross needs donations to finance 2000 emergency shelters.  You can help:

by bank transfer to CCPL LU52 1111 0000 1111 0000 (Quoting : « Réfugiés maliens »)

by debit/credit card online

A donation to the Red Cross of 120 euros or more, and which is less than10% of total net revenue, can be deducted from tax due to our special public service status.