You would like to adopt

Adopting a child is like climbing a large mountain: in sandals and a T-shirt, it would be a very difficult task. However, with the right preparation, training, and equipment, the task can become quite manageable!

Johanne Lemieux, Canadian adoption specialist


How do I prepare myself ?


1. Be informed

“How do we adopt ?”

“What are the possibilities available today ?”

The ‘Family and Integration Minister’ has created information sessions to inform the public about adoption. Various prejudices exist about adoption in Luxembourg; these group sessions have therefore been created to allow participants to discover the facts. Participants will also be given information about the different options available and procedures. For more information or to register for a sign-up form, please send an email to adoption@men.lu stating your first name, surname, address and telephone number.


2. Work Together

“We would like to adopt a child as young as possible so he/she does not remember anything before the adoption. “

“How and at what age should we talk to him/her about his/her adoption ?”

“Everything turned out well with our first adopted child. How should we prepare him for the arrival of a new little sister ?”

Whether this is your first adopted child or whether you are already adoptive parents, we offer you the opportunity to exchange information and ideas with others parents in a similar position and with adoption experts.

The adoption support centre organises regular sessions to improve awareness and understanding of the challenges that an adoptive family might face. We invite you to join us in discussing essential questions. We offer a series of opportunities to help you make informed decisions, preparing you for the challenges that lie ahead.


3. Preparation

“At last we have reached the final stretch … but we still have a lot of questions …!”

The adoption support centre offers to help prepare you for the first meeting with your child. During this session, we will reinforce all the aspects of adoption discussed in previous meetings. We will help you perfect your parenting skills; this will be of great assistance during your first encounter, your first months together, and in building a strong and lasting bond between you and your child.


For more information, please contact us !

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