Voluntary Service


Volunteers’ work

In order to provide different services for people affected by HIV/AIDS, the Aidsberodung mostly relies on volunteers, whose contributions support HIV positive people in their everyday life (going shopping, helping prepare meals, accompanying them to the hospital or the doctor, and so on). Volunteers also take part in the organization of regular activities, aimed at customers or their support group.

Some volunteers focus in particular on end of life care: this specific aspect of voluntary work requires an additional and more specific training along with the basic one necessary for volunteers.

Others, on the other hand, prefer to focus on infection prevention and join asbl Stop Aids Now/Access, which has been working with the Aidsberodung for 20 years.


How to become a volunteer?

In order to become a volunteer for the Aidsberodung, you just need to make an appointment with the service. The volunteers responsible will invite you for a first meeting and then to an HIV/AIDS training organised by the service. It is also possible to register for the training and then be involved in the care of HIV–positive people.


HIV/AIDS training

Once a year, HIV/AIDS training is organised by the Red Cross’ Aidsberodung. The training is aimed at all people willing to become a volunteer in this particular service, but also at professionals in the psychological, medical, and social sector, as well as at people interested in the field.

The training usually includes 5 sessions of 2 hours each, rather than a whole day of training. These sessions allow volunteers to address different topics related to HIV/AIDS infection such as the virus, the AIDS test, prevention, treatments, how to live with the virus, etc.