Psychiatric and Psychological Challenges

It is sometimes difficult to face life’s challenges alone. Conversation and a listening ear are often the best remedies for the unhappiness that can affect children and youth, and by extension their families. This is why the Luxembourg Red Cross offers the following services focused on emotional, personal, or family-related distress.


Kannerhaus Jean

The therapeutic centre Kannerhaus Jean provides mentoring and support for your children suffering from behavioral disorders and supports you throughout the therapies. Through interaction with animals, among other methods, the center offers innovative and personalised therapies. … find out more


Are you 12 to 21 years old and going through the loss of a family member or loved one? The psychologists at Psy-Jeunes are here to listen to you and help you go through this difficult phase. … find out more




For more information

The Red Cross of Luxembourg cannot meet all needs, but it has developed a catalog of associations that deal with specific problems not treated by our services.

If none of the services presented here correspond to your need, contact the telephone helpline 2755, or email us at: info@croix-rouge.lu or the Helpline web page.