Drug addiction often leads affected individuals in a downward spiral which is difficult to escape on their own. Thanks to the services listed on this page, the Luxembourg Red Cross is actively involved in the fight against drugs and its consequences.


dropIn – Dispensary for Sex Workers

In order to prevent infections, the clinic for sex workers (dropIn) recovers used needles and syringes and exchanges them for sterile ones … more


If you are between 12 and 22 years old and you are struggling against drug use (addiction …)? Psychologists of the service Psy-Jeunes are here to help you get out … more

HIV Berodung

img_aids_berodung_800pxIf you suffer from HIV or from AIDS and have a drug problem, the service HIV Berodung welcomes you and brings you the emotional and practical support you need. The staff will also accompany you through all stages of the disease … more 



For further information

The Luxembourg Red Cross is unable to meet all needs, but has developed a catalog of associations who deal with specific problems.

If none of the aids listed above match your needs, contact the Helpline by telephone on 2755, by mail to the following address: info@croix-rouge.lu, or visiting the Helpline page