The Luxembourg Red Cross’s Migrants and Refugees Service manages three shelters :


Welcoming Centre Lily Unden – Luxembourg/Limpertsberg

Migrants who apply for international protection are immediately directed to the shelter Lily Unden located in Luxembourg/Limpersberg.

This centre is also an emergency shelter for migrants who arrive in Luxembourg after hours and cannot access the refugee office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is in charge of international protection applications.

The centre can accommodate around 120 people.


The Shelter – Luxembourg/Eich

The Fondation Félix Chomé allowed the Red Cross to use their buildings in Eich to shelter applicants for international protection.

This refugee centre prioritises welcoming people with special needs (e.g. people with physical or psychological health problems, single-parent families with educational difficulties, etc.)

The service organises educational, cultural, and leisure activities for the residents. A team of Pax Christi volunteers organises school help while Red Cross volunteers support the service team with its work.

The residents (exclusively families and unaccompanied minors) and facilities (individual studios, a large outside garden) allow for good management of the shelter. Refugees coming to Luxembourg through a governmental relocation program can also find shelter here.

Currently all unaccompanied minors applying for international protection have found accommodation and are supervised by Caritas or by the Luxembourg Red Cross. Much importance is placed on education and language courses. The Migrants and Refugees team supervises the minors from the Eich shelter.

This shelter, which is also the headquarters of the Migrants and Refugees service, welcomes about 60 people, including 14 families and 5 unaccompanied minors.


Félix Schroeder Shelter – Rédange

The Luxembourg Red Cross manages a house in Rédange that accommodates up to 50 people.

It is exclusively meant for single women and mothers with young children.

Collaborations with different local associations have been put into place. Thanks to a hotline, the social team remains reachable outside of office hours.

Different socio-educational and cultural activities as well as different informational meetings are held at this shelter.