Here you can find the contact information for the Strassen youth centre.

To learn more about this Youth Centre’s projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Opening hours

Tuesday 2pm to 7pm

Wednesday 3pm to 8pm

Thursday 2pm to 7pm

Friday 4pm to 9pm

Saturday 3pm to 8pm


Where to find it

1b, rue de l‘Eglise

L – 8025 Strassen

@ jugendhaus.strassen@croix-rouge.lu

Phone: +352 26 11 95 42














Our team



Krishelle Weber- Educatrice graduée

@ krishelle.weber@croix-rouge.lu

Phone: +352 621 338 124






Adreana Fautsch- Educateur diplomée

@ adreana.fautsch@croix-rouge.lu

Phone: +352 621 338 127






We have a cooking activity on Fridays if there is no other activity planned.