Service provided


Medical care

The CIPA offers individual care for every customer as well as treatments carrierd out by nurses, nursing auxiliaries and other qualified staff. Our pensioners receive an individual treatment which takes into consideration their specific physical, psycholgical, social and cultural needs.



Customers can of course keep their family doctor, who will come to the CIPA directly for treatments.


Additional services

The CIPA offers a wide range of medical care as well as other services to ensure the well-being of all its customers:

  • medical consultations at home once a week ;
  • physiotherapy sessions (only on prescription) ;
  • speech therapy (only on prescription) ;
  • massages and Fango (only on prescription) ;
  • indoor and outdoor activities (singing, theatre, doing handicrafts, games…) ;
  • chiropody ;
  • occupational therapy ;
  • “Snoezelen” ;
  • accompaniment to doctors and specialists ;
  • volunteers working for the initiative “Eng Hand fir déi Krank” come regularly to spend time with the elderly.




In addition to the medical care, the home offers many opportunities to play games, exercise, and spend time with people:

  • walking ;
  • gymnastics ;
  • wellness ;
  • entertainment and trips ;
  • a hairdresser ;