Assistance and Care at Home

Assistance and Care at home are the services offered by the independence insurance that supports a person’s performance or activities of daily living. These activities include hygiene, mobility, and nutrition.

The Assistance and Care service works in the home of the ill, dependent, or handicapped patient to support their abilities and ensure independence as long as possible.

The Assistance and Care service, affiliated with the HELP network, provides nursing care such as :

  • Injections
  • Drips
  • Care monitors
  • Dressing
  • Medication distribution
  • Blood tests
  • Blood sugar monitoring
  • Blood pressure monitoring

It also coordinates services such equipment loans, home meal distribution, personal assistance system (HELP24), hairdressers, transportation, and travel.

Besides help at home, the Assistance and Care at home service offers domestic help for various tasks that the client can no longer perform themselves but are imperative to optimal living conditions :

  • Grocery shopping
  • Equipment and household maintenance
  • Dishwashing
  • Laundry

Complementary to the Assistance and Care services, there are several advice and support services through which the client and their family are helped to better cope with their health problems.

The advice is provided for a fixed period while the support can be provided for an unlimited duration at a regular rate. The support can include individual guidance, in-home care, shopping and outings, or the attending of a day center. The advice given targets various essential life activities.

The home care activities are carried out by local offices (at the right side of the screen). Each of these offices serves a geographical area and ensures proximity to its clients. The local offices guarantee the delivery of Assistance and Care at home and coordinate all client interventions.


Certain offices are also equipped with a blood collection centre that welcomes clients who need a blood test. The centre then sends the sample(s) out to a lab.

Any additional information regarding the Assistance and Care at home service, affiliated with the HELP network, can be requested via the Helpline 26 70 26. To find the office closest to you, visit our network map (at the right side of the screen).


Specialised nurses

The function of our specialised nurses in the Assistance and Care service is to optimise the holistic care of clients by guaranteeing the continuity of their care.

Furthermore, through monitoring the patients at the hospital, they are both “ambassadors” of the HELP network, ensuring that the network and its services are known to hospitals, and “facilitators” for the hospital’s staff. Most importantly, they are an ambassador for the patients and their families, who may not know to whom to make some of their requests.

Undoubtedly, these nurses must have a good knowledge of assistance and care at home and in a hospital environment. Above all, they must be flexible, available, and possess excellent organisational skills.

Thanks to these qualities, our specialised nurses can enhance collaborations inside and outside the hospital and respond to the client’s and their family’s needs, ensuring well-being and contentment.

For further information, please contact the HELP network at 26 70 26.


Palliative Care

In the Assistance and Care service, support and palliative care are seen as a continuation of current care and administered by the same health professionals. In order to guarantee the quality of care, the caregivers at our various offices undergo special training on palliative care and in each office there is a “palliative care delegate” who is a specialist in all things regarding palliative care.

Additionally, the Assistance and Care service has a second line interdisciplinary team composed of specialised palliative care nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. The goal of this interdisciplinary support is to respond as best as possible to the physical, psychological, spiritual, and social needs of a person and their family at the end of life. This care is based on the person’s needs and wishes, respecting their freedom of choice, privacy, beliefs, and traditions.

The overall support team and particularly the palliative care team :

  • Listens, encourages, and advises the patient and their loved ones ;
  • Ensures the patient’s comfort and well-being ;
  • Supports the patient through pain and other symptoms ;
  • Provides equipment for specific treatments ;
  • Organises overnight hotlines according to a persons needs and under certain conditions.



  • Palliative care team: 27 55-35 70

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