Mission of the Adoption Service

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The Adoption Service is an intermediary in matters of national and international adoptions. It provides support upon request to :

  • Children up for adoption ;
  • Parents eligible for adoption residing in Luxembourg , regardless of nationality ;
  • Adopted children ;
  • Adoptive parents ;
  • Biological parents looking for advice.

It aims to give :

Adoption candidates and adoptive parents :

  • Information regarding national and international adoption;
  • Orientation depending on the applicant’s situation;
  • Evaluation of suitability for adoption by a multidisciplinary team;
  • Preparation for the specifics of the adoption;
  • Monitoring of the adoption file;
  • Supervision during the matching of the child;
  • Follow-up on the development of the adopted child and guidance for the parents.

Adoptees :

  • Support during the adoption process ;
  • Monitoring during adoption ;
  • Support in the search for his or her origins ;
  • Counseling and referrals to specialists.

Biological families :

  • Counseling ;
  • Job coaching and guidance ;
  • Information on the aftereffects of adoption ;
  • Psychological support ;
  • Support during the possible search for their child.

The service guides everyone interested in adoption.


Find detailed information regarding national and international adoption :

Brochure « Adopter un Enfant » (FR) (PDF)


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