Save a life: become a blood donor

Become actively involved! Save a human life or improve the quality of life for those sick or wounded, by donating your blood at the Blood Transfusion Centre in Luxemburg City or at any of our external donation locations (calendar of donations).


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You can become a blood donor if you …
  • are aged between 18 and 60;
  • are in good health;
  • have some free time to do a good deed;
  • wish to help those who are in need;
  • can handle the painless prick of a needle.

Please note: If you have lived in the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man) between 1980 and 1996 for more than 12 months, or have received a blood transfusion, or had surgery in the United Kingdom after 1st January 1980, please be aware that the international donor selection criteria do not currently allow the Blood Transfusion Centre to accept you as a blood donor.


Registration :

Opening hours:

Monday, Tuesday and Friday: 8am-4pm; Wednesday and Thursday: 8am-6pm. Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.

First appointment: the date and time are scheduled in advance.

Parking is available at the Luxembourg Red Cross headquarters.

Expected appointment length: 1 ½ hours.

Documents required: Identity card or passport, social insurance card.


Procedure for new donors :

1.  Reception :

  • data entry of the new donor’s personal information (identity, address, telephone number, identification number, etc.);
  • a picture is taken for further identification on the internal database (optional);
  • you will be given: a “new donor” file, which will be presented to the doctor;
  •                              a “new donor” questionnaire, to be filled out at the cafeteria;
  •                              an envelope containing information booklets.

2.  Sampling room :

  • A hemoglobin test is carried out by a finger prick to obtain a drop of blood.

3.  Cafeteria :

  • The new donor fills out their questionnaire whilst eating a snack.

4.  Interview with a doctor:

  • The acceptability of a new donor is evaluated on the basis of the questionnaire filled out by the donor and each point is discussed in relation to the donor selection criteria.


The donor selection criteria are based on the international guidelines concerning transfusion medicine, European directives, and current national legislation.

It is reviewed regularly and ensures: the safety of the recipient (risks include the potential transmission of viruses, bacteria, parasites, antibodies, etc.) and the safety of the donor (donor’s physical and cardiovascular ability to donate a pre-defined amount of blood).


Based on this interview the doctor will decide one of the following :

  • acceptance either directly for the donation, or for analysis with the donation postponed to a later date;
  • a provisional refusal of the new donor, allowing us to collect missing data for a final decision;
  • a definitive refusal of the new donor.

During the first meeting, the new donor will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive all the necessary information before signing the questionnaire.


Please feel free to read the testimonies of regular blood donors at the Blood Transfusion Centre.


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