Introducing “Riicht Eraus”


“Riicht Eraus” is a Luxembourg Red Cross service which offers advice and support to the perpetrators of violence. The service’s objective is to reduce domestic violence by working with the person at the source of it. Our team has been trained to work with the perpetrators of violence, to guide them, listen to them, and support them.


Domestic Violence – I say stop !

  • Consultations in French, English, Portuguese, Luxembourgish, and German by appointment only.
  • Open to all perpetrators of violence: men, women and adolescents (at least 17 years old) without discrimination of any kind. Priority is given to those who have committed domestic violence.

The centre works in two ways, depending on how the offender becomes involved with the service :



The client contacts the centre for a psychological consultation. From the first appointment, our work focuses on the client’s sense of responsibility and implements a range of strategies that will allow him/her to change the violent behaviour. The sessions aim to :

  • Enable the person concerned to incorporate non-violence as a basic attitude in their behaviour, language, and, if possible, way of thinking ;
  • Find specific strategies that affect a lasting change of behaviour ;
  • Formally support the steps of the person who wants to change ;
  • Improve the capacity for conflict management and self-confidence ;
  • Create a positive view of a caring relationship with a spouse as well as with the family.


In the context of a legal requirement

The counsellor provides a set of 22 thematic counselling sessions, either individually or in Tätergrupp-Lu. In this context, the work focuses in part on the awareness and the responsibility of the perpetrator for their acts. Secondly, it focuses on the acquisition of basic knowledge about the cycle of violence in order to promote awareness of the possibilities of change. To reduce the risk of recurrence, the centre works with other organisations involved in victim protection.

In this context, the counsellor will also attempt to motivate the perpetrator to continue consultations beyond the 22 scheduled sessions in order to provide a more personal and thorough way of working.


Be aware !

Are you a perpetrator of violence? Is violence destroying your marriage, your family?

  • You have self-doubts after you act
  • You have a bad conscience
  • You feel alone
  • You are at an impasse
  • And you cannot find a way out

Time will not change things. YOU are responsible! You need to change! Before it is too late. VIOLENCE DESTROYS LOVE.



Come and see us!

THERE IS NO JUSTIFICATION OR EXCUSE FOR VIOLENCE! You want to put an end to it but you cannot do it ALONE.

TOGETHER we will find strategies and practical ways to help you permanently change your violent behaviour and we will support you in this process. ACT, CHANGE, AND END THE VIOLENCE!



We will help you

We will LISTEN to you and give ADVICE and SUPPORT you to :

  • Be a non-violent person,
  • Be strong without hitting,
  • Talk about your feelings without hurting anyone,
  • Stay in control of yourself without controlling others,
  • Handle conflict DIFFERENTLY, and

Re-discover a positive attitude in caring relationships. REDISCOVER AND RE-ESTABLISH TRUST.


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