Come and join Iris

If you wish to be part of a more helpful society, come and join the training course that is offered by the Luxembourgish Red Cross.

To do this you just need to be:

  • 18 or above;
  • Available for a few hours a week;
  • Interested in following a course that is animated by a multidisciplinary team and enriched by the experiences of one another; and
  • Implicated to follow a training session with an experienced volunteer worker.


Being a volunteer at Iris will allow you:

  • To volunteer at a place that is near your home or work that is in line with your availabilities;
  • To help change the life of an isolated person;
  • To contribute to a better society that deserves more security, respect and help; and
  • To appreciate the beautiful human adventure that lays among the diverse cultural society.


Download the fliyer of our service « Iris » :

Iris (FR)