Presentation of Streetwork Uewerstad – Abricoeurs

The “Streetwork Uewerstad” service is a project by the Luxembourgish Red Cross in collaboration with the city of Luxembourg. It also benefits from the support of the Police Grand-Ducale and the service of hygiene of the city. It offers a shelter by day for the homeless within its premise of encounter, located in upper town, rue Willy Goergen.
img_streetwork_1_710px.jpgThe goal is to get the outsiders off the streets and to give them the attention that they miss out on on a daily basis.  
More concretely, the “Streetwork Uewerstad” offers the homeless a hot drink or a meal and allows them to rest someplace warm. That way, the Red Cross has the possibility to advise those in need and to direct them to another service, intern or extern, in order to better their situation.
“Streetwork Uewerstad” seeks to bring a bit of humanity to those excluded from our society.