Iris (support for people who are isolated)


New perspectives and shared happiness

Iris (former: Eng Hand fir déi Krank) from Banque de Luxembourg on Vimeo.


The department’s mission is to welcome and accompany people that are suffering from some kind of solitude.

Since 2012, the Luxembourgish Red Cross in particular the Iris department, have offered an in depth training course on how to help isolated people regardless of their social class, age or culture.

Furthermore, volunteer workers are guided and supervised throughout the training course and on to when the volunteering has begun.

Though, an important aspect to keep in mind is that the majority of people that unfortunately need these kinds of services are the elderly. Some elderly reflect the harsh reality of isolation and the abandonment suffered by either their family or society.

Thanks to the Iris service the numbers of volunteers are growing as is their dedication. One must not forget that the volunteer workers are the key element for such a service. Without their help, nothing would be possible.

They are true people offering a bit of their time, to share a coffee, go for a walk, play cards or simply sit beside a person and share that moment with them.


« Cécilia is very kind, she gave me a lot. I wait for Tuesday to come every day because that is the the day I meet her. We trusted each other as soon as we met. We go for walks, we often go to the cemetery, we go shopping and we go to the restaurant together. » Mrs G has been receiving Cécila’s visits since 2015.


Mme G. et CéciliaWhether it is at home or in an institution, the volunteers provide an important social relationship. For the elderly, having a volunteer worker come and visit them not only means opening up their home, but also their hearts.

 It’s about sharing life experiences, being among one another and in a way help build a warm affinity that helps them deal with their loneliness.

« Happiness is made with trivial moments and we forget about their importance. There is no better exercise for the heart than helping others » Sophie is a volunteer worker describing her view about helping others.


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