Presentation “Eng Hand fir déi Krank” (support for people who are isolated)

Eng Hand fir déi Krank from Banque de Luxembourg on Vimeo.


Even in the era of technology and instant communication, the feeling of loneliness remains a sad part of our society. It can happen to anyone, without warning and at any time. People who are elderly, ill, and/or disabled are at a high risk of feeling isolated. Their limited mobility and/or their care needs make it more difficult for them to leave their homes. This can be disheartening. Access to society may be limited, thus the outside world may come across as frightening or threatening. Your social environment shrinks with age; the wish for social contacts, however, still remains.

Because of this problem and with the desire to help prevent loneliness, the Luxembourg Red Cross created the “Eng Hand fir déi Krank” service. Our trained volunteers visit those at risk of isolation in order to improve their quality of living.

By visiting these people at their homes, our volunteers can establish an important social connection. The person who is being visited doesn’t just let the volunteer into his or her home, but also into his or her life. They can share what they’ve been through, share fun experiences, and build a positive relationship , helping them break free from previous loneliness.

Our volunteers do various activities with their new friends, activities adapted to the person and the volunteer. For example, they can have a coffee together, sit and chat, go for walks, etc. This allows the person to be themselves and to be seen as a sociable person.




The great part about volunteering with this service is that these visits can be a source of self-discovery due to getting to know a new person and sharing stories, values, and common interests.


Download below the pamphlet regarding « Eng Hand fir déi Krank » :

Pamphlet Eng Hand fir déi Krank (FR/DE)