Families First Service Overview

The Families First service, whose concept was developed in the USA under the name “Families First Project”, is an outpatient program which intervenes in families with children in critical situations.

The Families First Luxembourg service (FFL) intervenes for a period of 6-8 weeks in families with children who are going through a family-related crisis. The goal of FFL is to allow these families to find their balance and avoid the placement of their children in a foster family or institution.


Intervention criteria

The service intervenes in families :

  • Where one or more of the children are at risk of being taken away;
  • Which are going through a difficult time that they cannot get out of by themselves or with the usual help from social services;
  • including at least one parent willing to cooperate.


The main objectives of Families First Luxembourg are to :

      • Give children the possibility to live with their families as long as their safety and well-being are guaranteed ;
      • Ameliorate severe crises and stabilise families ;
      • Activate families’ resources and strengths ;
      • Develop common objectives and methods for the whole family ;
      • Extensively support parents by helping them improve their ability to supervise and raise their children ;
      • Ensure a link with other support structures according to the families’ needs.



The work is done at the families’ homes where the members feel more at ease and where we can better observe the problems and resources.

At least three meetings are scheduled per week with each family. An FFL case worker oversees a maximum of 2 families at a time. Families can contact their case worker 24/7. During the 6-8 week intervention period, the case worker helps each family take the first steps, and later helps integrate the required support structures.

The case worker may in turn contact his FFL supervisor 24/7. The FFL team regularly benefits from external checks and a case analysis is conducted weekly to ensure the best possible monitoring of interventions.

The members of the team (4-5 people) who conduct the interventions have :

      • Several years of professional experience
      • Followed systematic training on working with families
      • Received specific Families First training.





Created in the USA, the Families First Project concept is mainly to help children in difficult family situations as well as the families themselves.

Several years ago, the Luxembourg Red Cross initiated this preventive program in Luxembourg to avoid the placement of children into foster families or institutions.


Download below the Families First Luxembourg brochure :

Dépliant Families First Luxembourg (FR/DE)