Presentation of the Croix-Rouge Buttek (Social Groceries)


Although known to be a wealthy country, some residents in Luxembourg are affected by poverty. In 2008, more than 65,000 people were living below the poverty line . In the current context of the economic crisis, the number of households living in precarious situations is constantly increasing.



This is why the Croix-Rouge Butteks were founded.

These social groceries provide food and everyday products for people facing financial difficulties. In return, a financial contribution (about one third of the market-price) is required from our customers. Thanks to these grocery stores, the beneficiaries can increase their purchasing power while still having access to fresh and quality products. 

Cooking lessons are also offered with fresh produce from the groceries, lead by professional nutritionists and chefs.

The Spëndchen a.s.b.l., our supply centre, was founded in partnership with other associations (Caritas, Aarbechtshëllef, Jongenheem, etc.) for the efficient operation of the groceries and the management of products.

The general objectives of the social groceries are :

  • To fight poverty
  • To strengthen solidarity and social ties
  • A balanced diet
  • To fight food waste.

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Or download the flyer “Croix-Rouge Buttek” :

Dépliant Epiceries Sociales (FR/DE) (PDF)



This project is supported by the Pax Christi Foundation sheltered under the aegis of the Fondation de Luxembourg.