Presentation of Meal Home Delivery

The Luxembourg Red Cross’s meal home delivery service delivers complete and balanced meals to the homes of those who are disabled, sick, or elderly every day including Sundays and holidays.

This offer is a real alternative for people who have trouble preparing meals as part of their everyday routine. Our typical clients are elderly people who want to continue living in their own homes.

Meal home delivery, whose success keeps increasing, has delivered 66,530 meals to more than 300 different clients, equaling 182 meals per day on average. 33 communities have been served and our drivers have covered 200,000 kilometers. 


Offer form for meals

Formulaire de demande de repas (PDF)


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Practical Information

Meals on wheels targets any person who wants a healthy and balanced meal delivered to their home. The majority of clients are people who are elderly, sick, and/or disabled.

This quick and easy solution provides well-balanced nourishment.

We do all we can to ensure that our clients retain and regain their appetites. The meals are easily consumed and vary often . Furthermore, we use seasonal products and natural ingredients. To see an example of our menu, click here.

The service makes sure that the client has a regular social contact . More and more people who live in the countryside aren’t mobile and feel like they can’t “bother” the people around them. Meals are delivered by drivers who find the social role they play very important.


How can I get meal home delivery ?

In order to make use of this service, the client buys meal tickets from his community or from the Luxembourg Red Cross .

The price of a meal is 13 euros.

Communities that are interested in a partnership with the meal home delivery service can contact the Luxembourg Red Cross.


Partnership Communities : Beckerich, Bissen, Boevange/Attert, Boulaide, Bourscheid, Colmar-Berg, Ell, Esch/sûre, Ettelbruck, Feulen, Garnich, Goesdorf, Grosbous, Hobscheid, Kehlen, Kiischpelt, Kopstal, Lac de la Haute-sûre, Mamer, Preizerdaul, Rambrouch, Saeul, Schieren, Septfontaines, Tuntange, Useldange, Vichten, Wahl, Winseler.












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