Day Care Centres Information

In collaboration with the communes, the Luxembourg Red Cross’s day care centres welcome children daily during parents’ working hours. They provide children with activities that are both educational and fun, as well as giving them homework assistance.


A professional team

Via a partnership agreement, the communes give the Red Cross the responsibility for the running and management of the service.

The team at our day care centres consists of:

  • A person in charge ;
  • Certified teachers ;
  • Social workers.

Thus the day care centres offer a professional service based on the collaboration of all childcare professionals, including parents.


A service adapted to individual needs

The day care centres welcome children 3 months to 12 years old.

The day care centres offer a service which:

  • is suited to parents’ needs and helps facilitate a balance between professional and family life;
  • complements a child’s education within the family and teaches children social skills in the community;
  • is based on a holistic view of the child. 


A wide range of early learning services

More than just supervised spaces, the Luxembourg Red Cross’s day care centres are places that encourage early learning. The following services are provided :

  • Child care from 7am to 7pm (provision varies depending on the individual day care centre)
  • Child care during school holidays (provision varies depending on the individual day care centre)
  • Food including lunch
  • Supervision, presentations, and  socio-educational activities
  • Homework assistance


Pedagogical Concept

Find here the pedagogical concept of Luxembourg Red Cross day care centers:

CRL Konzept MR



To register your child, you should go to your commune’s web site and look at the day care centre information.

Should the number of registrations be higher than the maximum capacity allowed by law, priority will be given to families :

  • Where both parents work full-time or are registered job seekers.
  • Who are single-parent families
  • Who are considered underprivileged



Your financial contribution is based on the official fees set by the government. It is assessed according to your financial and family situation. For more information visit the  www.accueilenfant.lu website.

Basic fee : subject to contract.

For certain activities, such as excursions, a supplement might be charged.



Links to the communes’ web sites :














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Link for the Ministry of National Education, Childhood and Youth web site :


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