Presentation of Weesen-Elteren (bereaved parents)

We are a support group for parents who have lost a child. We meet regularly to talk and share experiences. The group is not political or religious and meetings are led by parents who have experienced the loss of a child themselves.

The group is open to any mothers and fathers who have lost their child, no matter how old the child was or the cause of death. There is no rule for how often or how many times parents should attend, and parents can either come on their own or with their partner.

Weesen-Elteren also offers :

  • Individual discussions
  • A loan service for German and French books dealing with death and grief (for both adults and children)
  • A number of activities during the course of the year
  • The chance to meet up and chat in addition to the sessions 


The group aims to :

  • Listen to parents and provide them with an opportunity to talk freely about their child and share experiences and thoughts with other parents
  • Give parents the feeling that they are not alone in their grief
  • Provide support for the grieving process and help parents face and adapt to how life has changed


In addition to the regular monthly sessions, the group offers a number of activities :

  • The “Walk & Talk,” a walking tour which combines moments of introspection with opportunities to talk. This activity is followed by a meal and is open to both parents and children.
  • Bowling Night
  • Christmas Eve
  • A “creative and relaxing weekend” (every 2 years)
  • The possibility to attend conferences, concerts, and other activities related to bereavement 



For more information, you can download the flyer “Weesen-Elteren” below (in French and Luxembourgish) :

Dépliant Weesen Elteren (FR/LU) (PDF)