Introduction to the Sustainable Development Education

Sustainable Development Education aims to inform students about the different subjects and topics regarding sustainable development. It includes economic, social, and environmental issues, topical matters that concern everyone.

Educational Offerings

The Luxembourg Red Cross programme “Du mal-développement au désastre : comprendre pour agir” (from poor development to disaster: understanding what actions to take) is comprised of three sections. These three sections aim to provide young people with information and explanations regarding concrete problems that lie in Southern countries and allow them to consider the similarities and differences of their lives in the Northern Hemisphere compared to those of their less fortunate peers. This educational approach to sustainable development by humanitarian organisations aims to change attitudes and encourage young people to reflect on their behaviour and take action in their daily lives.

  • Armed conflicts and rules in society (module 1).
  • My planet and natural disasters (module 2).
  • Epidemics and Access to clean Water (module 3).

Through the Introduction to Sustainable Development programme, the three sections may encourage some youth to initiate mini-projects of their own. This enables students to create a ripple effect in their own educational establishment. The Red Cross supports a number of these projects through coaching and offering logistical assistance.